Secure Your Wi-Fi Community

Setting up a wireless Internet network is a lengthy process with advanced Wi-Fi router and activated Bluetooth market. Let me involved the basic steps in setting up the network to discuss.

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Configure your computer and router first. At the back of the router, you can see four yellow ports as LAN ports. In a different color, usually blue, so WAN port. If you are using wireless adapter for wireless internet connection, unplug the adapter to the back of the computer and connect it to the WAN port. If you are using a connection that has modem, disconnect the other end of the modem port on the computer and on the WAN port.

Are there advantages / disadvantages for managing this router vs letting the carrier do you do? Typically, how much maintenance / administration, you need to perform?

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Wireless Modems a system controller via a web browser and the default URL is accessible usually something like:,, etc. If anyone access to the Control Panel, he / her to do so many things that you do not want!

Do not use a battery if you do not have to. That goes without saying, but if you have the charger and an AC power source, you can simply charge it before it. Back to internal power source

IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses where IPv4 uses 32-bit addresses. This increases the amount of available IP addresses. This eliminates the need for NAT or Network Address Translation. This is but where to different ports on the firewall assing the same external IP address. It then forwards the different machines in your network.

The Storm 2 is equipped with 256 MB flash memory and 2 GB built-in media card. However, this is expandable up to a respectable 16 GB by using the microSD slot.

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